The silicon-free secret to growing longer hair!

The silicon-free secret to growing longer hair!

Let’s speak about something interesting today – your hair!

Each strand of hair is made of many tiny cuticles, that will open up in humidity and close down to lie flat when the air is dry. Which is why your hair can feel frizzy when it is humid, and thin or brittle when it's dry out there.

It can be tempting to use hair products that claim to keep frizz at bay, but many will use silicon based ingredients to add that glossy sheen.

Why go silicon-free?

You may be wondering why you shouldn't use silicon if it makes hair feel so silky. The answer is simple - silicon encases the hair, blocking the cuticle's natural ability to open and close as the air around it changes. Starving your hair of oxygen and natural hydration.

Without these natural essentials, your hair stands no chance. It becomes ever more dehydrated brittle, eventually breaking before it gets the chance to grow longer and fuller.

The silicon-free saviour!

All GF Fabulosity products are guaranteed to be silicon-free, for a more natural, breathable and longer-lasting hair growth cycle.

The naturally cleansing shampoos are suitable for daily use, revitalising to reveal the strength within, specifically formulated to the exact needs of your hair type.

Each conditioner is packed with nutrients and Amaranth for UV protection, from the lightest textured and volumising to moisture rich and nourishing.

And of course, healthy hair grows best from a healthy scalp, so be sure to add the revolutionary GF Fabulosity Hair and Scalp Recovery Elixir to your hair care routine. Suitable for all hair and skin types, indulge your follicles with this professional quality treatment.

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