The GF Fabulosity System

When allowed to dry naturally, your hair is 97% protein and 3% moisture. Building on this fact, our bespoke system delivers and maintains healthy beautiful results for your hair, no matter what its type or texture. Our mission, and the science behind it, is to encourage nature’s osmosis process to deliver moisture into the cuticle, then seal it in by balancing the protein and moisture levels.

GF Fabulosity Products

Our system starts with a light and silky leave-in elixir. This will be a game changer for your hair care routine. It nourishes and strengthens your hair while stimulating your scalp to promote healthy growth.

We based our five shampoos and conditioners on a numbered system reflecting
each set’s balance of protein and moisture. The formulations range from 100%
protein to 100% moisture and, in-between, scaled blends of the two.

  • More moisture tames curls and frizz
  • More protein adds body and structure to hair that lacks volume

You can create your own personalised formula by combining differently numbered shampoos and conditioners to achieve refined, targeted results.

For changes brought on by the seasons, by hormone levels during pregnancy or menopause, or by chemically processing your hair with bleach, colour, keratin treatments or heat styling, you can adjust the formulas to maintain perfectly luscious hair.

For instance, in winter, lower temperatures can dry out your hair even more than
summer’s heat and sun. You can remedy this brittle winter hair and static by going
up a level in your conditioner’s moisture balance.

In summer, hotter temperatures and stronger UV rays weaken the hair cuticle’s outer layer; even more so, if your hair has been bleached. If you increase the level of protein in either the shampoo or conditioner you use, you can build up the structure of your hair to properly protect it from the sun.

Each of our products contains amaranth which protects all colour-treated hair, no
matter what the type or texture, from heat and pollutants.

Fabulosity Hair and Scalp Elixir is 97% protein 3% moisture.

Our leave-in elixir for hair and scalp promotes your hair’s growth by stimulating the
scalp and nourishing cuticles and strands so they stay healthier and grow longer. It does this by creating the perfect growth conditions. It acts on the scalp as an anti-inflammatory while providing essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to your follicles.

It also extends your hair’s longevity and length with its perfect balance of 97%
protein and 3% moisture to rebuild each hair shaft to reflect its natural composition.

How our numbering system works

No. 1, the volumising formula, is 100% protein.

  • A great volumising, everyday shampoo that gives lift and structure to fine, straight or silky hair.
  • It strengthens the hair’s protein spheres to give more body and bounce
  • It strengthens the protein spheres of curly hair to give more manageability

No. 2, the energising formula, contains 75% protein and 25% moisture.

  • It gives lift and moisture to fine or medium silky hair
  • The 25% moisture smooths and closes the cuticle without weighing it down
  • The conditioner has a creamier, richer consistency than No. 1
  • It is a great volumising, everyday shampoo

No. 3, the balancing formula, contains equal parts - 50% protein and 50% moisture.

  • The ultimate every-day shampoo for fine, normal and medium textured hair
  • The protein strengthens the cuticle giving a bit more body and lift to the ends
  • The moisture tames mild frizz making it more supple
  • For those who want a light, natural finish to their hair

No. 4, the reviving formula, contains 75% moisture and 25% protein.

  • When used on coarse hair, the higher level of moisture closes the cuticle
  • The protein gives medium to coarse hair volume and texture while strengthening the cuticle and locking in the moisture
  • Its intensive moisture level is excellent for hydrating hair with a naturally drier texture or hair after chemical treatments or heat damage

No. 5, the moisturising formula, is 100% moisture.

  • This concentrated moisture is for coarse, damaged, overworked or bleached hair
  • The shampoo’s complete moisture content closes and seals the cuticle
  • The creamy conditioner smooths out the most untameable frizz