Collection: Thickening

Strengthen your hair both inside and out, with Acacia Collagen to naturally plump each and every strand of hair and Horsetail Extract to prevent breakage.

Use the Hair and Scalp Recovery Elixir as a leave-in treatment to stimulate the growth of new hair with its rich source of Rice Aminos and Amla the trusted Ayurvedic remedy known for halting hair loss.

Visibly thicker hair in as little as six week, and fabulosity from the very first wash!

  • Acacia Collagen

    Infusing hair with moisture, acacia collagen forms a protective film. It plumps up the hair shafts, causing your strands to be smoother, shinier and thicker.

  • Rice Aminos (Rice Water)

    For centuries, the Japanese have used rice water for rich glossy hair. The amino acids in rice are proteins that work deep to bind moisture to hair cuticles. They replenish bleached hair, boost volume, tame frizz and even nourish the scalp.

  • Amla

    A traditional Ayurvedic ingredient for hair care, the fruit and oil from Amla, or Indian gooseberry, are rich in potent antioxidants and vitamins that protect against environmental stresses. It stimulates growth by promoting cellular regeneration and strengthen the follicles.

  • Horsetail Extract

    By strengthening and improving the elasticity of hair fibres, reducing inflammation and increasing cell regeneration, horsetail extract creates the perfect environment for healthy hair growth.

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