The quest for silicone-free natural haircare

Gustav’s journey to create a natural, sustainable hair care range began in 2011 when he joined a prestigious silicone-free London salon.

There he learned about the science of how silicone, a man-made compound from naturally occurring silicon, damages hair. It makes hair seem smooth, silky and shiny by coating it with an artificial sheen of health and moisture.

But silicon actually dehydrates hair making it brittle and easy to break.

Nine years later when Gustav was preparing to open his own salon, he could not find one single hair care range that was natural and silicone-free.

So he decided to make and launch one himself!

In April 2019 he met with the UK’s foremost chemist specialising in silicone-free beauty products. She has developed some of the most successful ranges on the market.

They worked for four years on the products taking advantage of the downtime during lockdowns to fine tune the formulas and how they worked together as a system.

GF Fabulosity is everything Gustav envisioned:

  • Natural botanicals and essential oils constitute 95 - 98% of each product.
  • The entire range is silicone-free, sulphate-free and cruelty-free.
  • The bottling is elegant, sustainable, reusable and refillable glass.
  • Each product has its own signature aromatherapy scent.

The products keep all types of hair healthy, luxurious and rich.