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Give the gift of fabulous hair!

Volumising Gift Set

Volumising Gift Set

For the ultimate indulgence in volume enhancement, add some Oomph to your hair routine!

Used as a pre-wash treatment, the Hair and Scalp Recovery Elixir creates the perfect conditions for hair growth with traditional Ayurvedic remedy Amla and the antioxidant phenols of luxurious Argan Oil which combine to promote cellular regeneration in the scalp and follicles for lusher thicker growth.

The Volumising Shampoo is 100% protein enriching, packed with Vitamin E to strengthen the hair and Pink Clay to keep oil at bay, naturally thickening the hair strands themselves with its power packed essential minerals.

Finish off with the Volumising Conditioner for a final boost of Va Va Voom from its anti-oxidant Camellia Oil and Green Tea to soothe away environmental stresses and repair split-ends.

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  • Amla

    A traditional Ayurvedic ingredient for hair care, the fruit and oil from Amla, or Indian gooseberry, are rich in potent antioxidants and vitamins that protect against environmental stresses. It stimulates growth by promoting cellular regeneration and strengthen the follicles.

  • Rice Aminos (Rice Water)

    For centuries, the Japanese have used rice water for rich glossy hair. The amino acids in rice are proteins that work deep to bind moisture to hair cuticles. They replenish bleached hair, boost volume, tame frizz and even nourish the scalp.

  • Argan Oil

    Full of naturally occurring compounds called phenols, Argan Oil reduces breakage and split ends. Together with a complex of antioxidants, these phenols strengthen and promote cell production of the scalp and follicles to give you thicker, more luxurious hair.

  • Pink Clay

    Fantastic for gently absorbing excess oil from the scalp, Pink Clay thickens the follicle by replenishing it with essential minerals. These include magnesium for regulating follicle production and selenium, a natural anti-bactericidal.

  • Camellia Oil and Green Tea

    Extracted from green tea and rich in fatty acids, proteins, glycerides and vitamin E, camellia oil forms a barrier against environmental pollutants and repairs split ends. It strengthens while moisturising to make hair soft, shiny and manageable.

  • Silk Tein Protein

    An all natural hydrolysed silk protein, Silk Tein restores and rebuilds keratin to boost the tensile strength of hair while adding an extra layer of protection. It moisturises hair giving it a healthy sheen without weighing it down.

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